United Nothings

by Distant Wreck



Recorded mid 2010 as a pre-cursor to our early 2012 release.


released June 10, 2010

Recorded at Melbourne records, mixed/mastered by Ren Reich



all rights reserved


Distant Wreck Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Soul Searcher
Today is such a drencher,
tonight I'll have to fade.
Sleepless lust on lovers graves.
The smell of firewood,
makes my lungs cave.
Everyday, everyday's the same to me.

I don't want to sleep anymore,
I'm losing all my days,
my days are fading away.
(Fade Away)

No sound, but the wind,
another day to take it all in.
Slight night shiver.
Soul Searcher.
Track Name: Dream On, Dreamer
Be still,
don't you know that this is where the wild things are,
and I'm ill from my soul wandering that inch too far.
Breathe in, breathe out,
oh now im hell,
Breathe in, breathe out,
these arrows of doubt consume this boy,
consume my heart.
I wanted you to feel the same,
take me back,
take me back to yesterday.

Dream on, dreamer,
I dream of rain,
I dream of the cold wind against my face.

Receive my voice and,
be still, be still, I'm ill, I'm ill.

I'm taking the long way home.
Be still dreamer,
I'm an ill dreamer
Track Name: Farewell/Goodbye
"I swear, modern life is war."
It's what she said when she closed the door.
We can't find love here anymore,
It's not for certain, I'm love lost,
I can't see no more.
Love lost,
I can't feel no more.

"Young man and his heartless lullabies,
love stands for nothing."

Cut me out,
walk away,
I'll never forget.
"Safe place, safe place, safe place"
We turned into everything we hated.
I'd rather dream tonight than live today.
"I'm afraid, I'm afraid, I'm afraid."
Bitter, broken and cold, I'm drenched and awake.

"Over my shoulder, I whisper not today."
Farewell, goodbye.
Track Name: Stormyhead
I'll lay to rest these ballads in my head,
swallow sadness, forget sorrow.
She said "look for a better tomorrow."
I'll say, my mind was made of sand.
I'll say, watch it wash away in these hands.
I'll say, watch it wash away,
watch it wash away.

I won't forget tonight,
"Sing me to sleep, stormyhead."

Desperate souls don't look to the sky,
I've got no reason to care.

"I've got storms in my head, it's been raining all year."
I can't take the spirals anymore.

We are the stormyheads.